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Santa Visiting ResidentsRivendale Lodge is proud of its commitment to offer the best care possible for the EMI client group. This is a bold statement upon which we pride ourselves as providing the whole range of care needs, from initial contact and pre-assessment, to taking a more pro-active approach towards the challenges presented by the provision of long term care.

Dementia is a very broad ‘category’ covering many mental health illnesses, ranging from the more commonly known Alzheimer’s Disease and Vascular Dementia, to the more specific forms such as that caused by Lewy Body disease, HIV or Korsakoff’s Syndrome. We have dedicated, trained staff with experience in approaching the challenges of these fields.

The care package at Rivendale Lodge incorporates this specialist training as standard. Further, the experience and dedication of the team, in addition to the strong emphasis on making the home a ‘homely’ environment, rather than an institutional one, is what makes Rivendale Lodge special.

As part of the pre-assessment process, we essentially find out what makes the resident ‘tick’ and target our care package towards their needs. Indeed, we target a daily routine towards the resident, not enforcing a regime upon them. The management firmly believe in promoting each resident’s individuality and equality and act to encourage regular day-to-day activity from their individual lifestyle choices.