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Rivendale Lodge EMI Care Home


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Newly Renovated En-Suite Room

Rivendale Lodge endeavours to provide the best services and care facilities for the EMI (elderly, mentally infirm) client group, who suffer from such conditions as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

We have invested heavily in an extensive series of renovations over the past few years, updating and improving the home’s existing facilities and adding yet more.

From extensive double glazing, renewed heating technology, alarm pressure systems and hydraulically assisted baths, to special activities and events, we offer a wide range of improved facilities for residents. We have a large internal lounge area, private visiting areas, an extensive garden and grounds, with comfortable patio and even our own vegetable plot. We also plan on a new conservatory for the front of the building and a platform lift through all floors.

Further, despite our implemented improvements and facilities, we work very hard to ensure that the home maintains its ‘homely’ feel and not an institutional one. We like to think of Rivendale Lodge as a home away from home, where the residents feel comfortable, included, and well cared for.

The communal lounge houses television, DVD video and radio facilities, and each resident is entitled to have a television etc. in their own room. This is also true of their own furniture, pictures and other belongings. Their room is their own to personalise as they see fit, and we will even change the colour scheme to their preference.